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Tonight: LIVE Google Hangout!

Tonight, we’re doing a LIVE Google Hangout to answer your Geek Crash Questions tonight at 9:30p EST! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for updates and tweet us your questions! Advertisements

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This week on Geek Crash Course, we took a break from our usual format to answer viewer questions in a new show we’re calling Geek Crash Questions! You can click the logo above for the YouTube playlist of check out … Continue reading

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New Media Weekly and OMFGeek Cross Over!

One of our cool crossover shoots with New Media Weekly was this, a fun short talking about the pluses and minuses of crossovers in general. Take a look, enjoy, and make sure to check out the cool interviews coming out … Continue reading

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Comments Can Be Fun: A Response

Michael here, Today, I woke up to this comment from poster “POPISEN” on the Episodes page of our site (don’t look for it there, I’m trying to keep comments to the blog in order to streamline the look and feel … Continue reading

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Diana Makes a Cameo

“The world of the web is here.” Diana and I were on hand a little while ago to help Marc Cuevas of New Media Weekly shoot a series of crossovers between a range of top YouTube talent. There are more … Continue reading

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