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VLOG: Get Ready for the End of the World!

Check out Diana’s recommendations on how best to prepare for the end of the world! Enjoy! Advertisements

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Horror Month Says Game On with RESIDENT EVIL

This week, Michael and Diana give you a double-sized Geek Crash Course on the games and movies of the Resident Evil franchise. Check your inventory and enjoy! Next week, we’re ending Horror Month with a Halloween episode featuring our first … Continue reading

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This Week on GCC: Final Fantasy VII

This week, we’re covering one of the greatest RPGs out there: Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy!

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What Does It Mean to be a Geek?

In our blog posts, and in the show, we’re generally sassy with a bit of media analysis and review tossed in. Rarely do we get the chance to be sentimental and, well… mushy. The other day, I was wondering what … Continue reading

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Sunday GCC Preview

This week, we leave the past and get a bit more futuristic with: Who’s hungry for cake?

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