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VLOG: Season 5 Set Build

This Wednesday, we begin Season 5 in earnest with a new theme song arrangement, a new version of the set, and a Geek Crash Course on the Avengers. Til then, here’s a sample of the first two: For that last … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It: Godzilla GCC

If you were hiding in a monster-proof bunker, you might have missed this week’s final Toku Month GCC on Godzilla. Check it out! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you here tomorrow for our GCC Preview of the next episode … Continue reading

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Double the Snark: Game-Inspired (future) Box Office Bombs

It was officially announced today that New Line Cinemas is beginning work on an adaptation of Rampage (http://www.newsinfilm.com/2011/11/21/classic-game-rampage-becoming-a-movie/). Yes, Rampage the arcade game where you, as either King Kong, Godzilla, or a Werewolf, attempt to destroy a city and smush … Continue reading

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Blade Runner – Netflix Cut-mania!

It felt like a night for some Blade Runner, so to the Netflix! And what an exciting find(s)! On Netflix, you can find 4 (FOUR!) of the different Blade Runner cuts, although only the Theatrical Cut is available for streaming. … Continue reading

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