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My Summer Steam Sale Hangover

We’ve all over-indulged and felt the effects the next day. Sometimes you drink too much and get a hangover. Sometimes you eat too much Halloween candy and get a sugar crash. Sometimes you overexert yourself and have sore muscles the … Continue reading

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This Week’s GCC: Bane (from The Dark Knight Rises)

This week, we give you a Geek Crash Course on the big bad of this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises, Bane! …there will be mumbling.

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RIP Jerry Robinson

(Image links to Robinson’s site) Michael here. Just saw over at iFanboy that the great Jerry Robinson has passed. Robinson isn’t a huge name outside of comics, but he absolutely should be. A boy who got his start inking panels … Continue reading

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Classic Comic Covers Animated!

(click image for site) Artist Kerry Callen has animated some classic comic book covers and we thought the result was definitely blog-worthy. It’s also cool because he’s animated an Iron Man cover that’s framed and sits on the wall above … Continue reading

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The Downside to being a Superhero in a Social Media World

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