Geek Crash Course Archive: http://blip.tv/geekcrashcourse

Season 7: (Most recent episode first)
Halloween – Horror Month Ends with Halloween on Halloween!

VLOG: Great Scary Movies for Halloween! – Some of Our Halloween Favorites!

Resident Evil – Horror Month Gets Double-Sized

The Omen – Horror Month Hits Episode 66

Friday the 13th – Horror Month Goes to Summer Camp…

A Nightmare on Elm St. – Horror Month Begins in Your Dreams!

Skyfall prep (James Bond 007) – Beard…James Beard.

(Green) Arrow – You’ll Put Your Eye Out!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Cowabunga, Dudes (and Dudettes)!

CLICK HERE for earlier episodes of GEEK CRASH COURSE!


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