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Review: The Minister of Chance, episode 3 – “Paludin Fields”

I’ve been a fan of the Minister of Chance since his initial outing in the Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time audio drama, so of course I’ve loved his continuing adventures in his own audio series by the character’s creator … Continue reading

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StargateWatch: SG-1, Season 5

Hey fans and friends, Apologies for the SG-1 hiatus, but I had a month of major Joss Whedon review for this month’s Joss Whedon GCC lovefest (Check out our Buffy, Firefly, & Dollhouse episodes!). Now, I’m back to taking you … Continue reading

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The Maze Runner Trilogy – A Disappointment in Three Parts

After detoxing from my major Hunger Games overdose, I had a craving for more post-apocalyptic dystopias. I hit Barnes and Noble (yes, I still shop at bookstores and buy books – I have a thing about the physicality of books, … Continue reading

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Men in Black 3 Review

Our friend, Ryan Hamelin, runs a fantastic site and he’s given us the go-ahead to post links to some of his reviews. Check it out! It took em a decade, but the boys in black are back and at it … Continue reading

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