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Huge thanks to our Kickstarter backers!

Josh Bernhard – Chris Chan Roberson – Christine Gerula – Daniel Maloney
Tina Turner – Matthew Murphy – Josh Gorman – CF White – Steve Lettieri
Diana Dekajlo – Ashley Raethel – Justin Seibert – Kayla Mattes – Andrew O’Rourke
Paul Sailer – Andy Heriaud – Anthony Plested – Kaitlin Kelly – Maverick Snook
Rachel Mary Cox – Steve Intrabartola – Tricia Ennis – Cristina Esteras Ortiz
Sage Suppa – Victor R. Solis – Jack Haley – Andrew Tergis – Tassie Andersen
Stephanie Faith Scott – Mark Machado – Christopher Theokas – Dan Reisman
Jon Dahan – Greg Harbin – Steven Lord – Keyana Stevens – Cindy Marie Jenkins
Jennifer Weedon Palazzo – Josh Frisch – Samson Clan – Kevin Dawson – VJ Antonelli
Richard Valentin, Jr. – Brian Hampton – Timothy Schwader – Miguel Duran – Matt Berk
Rachel Mercer – David W. Weaver – Vincent Iadevaia – Saban Erdman – Elyse Gauthier
Arielle Smelkinson – Gisella Bustillos – Beans Velocci – Joshua Done
Travis Richey – Chris Knight – Gary Ploski – Mychal Anaya – Yann Sicamois

In addition, we’ve teamed up with some awesome geeks to bring you even more awesome content from even more nerdy places. Check out our affiliates below!

ALMOST NERDY is dedicated to providing news, videos, links, articles, and discussions on movies, TV, comics, cosplay, collectibles, gaming, conventions, nerd humor, and anything remotely “nerdy.”

THE GALLIFREY TIMES is a Doctor Who news blog/website, based in the UK, that is updated daily with the latest and greatest Doctor Who-related news.

You can now find GCC episodes at Almost Nerdy and The Gallifrey Times (as well as our usual channels) every Wednesday! Just click on their logos above to check them out!


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