My Summer Steam Sale Hangover

We’ve all over-indulged and felt the effects the next day. Sometimes you drink too much and get a hangover. Sometimes you eat too much Halloween candy and get a sugar crash. Sometimes you overexert yourself and have sore muscles the next day.

What happened to me? I have the Steam Summer Sale Hangover.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Steam from the get-go. The instant gratification you get from buying a game online and being able to instantly download, install and start playing is the ultimate in 21st century convenience. But sometimes Steam takes advantage of our “I want it now” mentality and uses it to abuse us. And it hurts so good.

I’m talking about the Summer Steam Sale, where the wonderful/evil Steam Team bundles up games and sells them for up to 80% off. A $150 bundle is suddenly $24.99 – how could I NOT purchase it? It’s basically wasting money to not take advantage of such a fantastic deal. So began my gross overindulgence in game-purchasing, where I ended up with 56 games and expansion packs. FIFTY SIX, including the Deus Ex line, the Arkham City franchise, and the Hitman series.

I realized this morning that I hadn’t purchased Max Payne 3 yet, and didn’t understand why. I think I need an intervention.

So, in the spirit of wallowing in our now mutual empty-wallet-ness, Tweet or Facebook us a photo of your damage.

Here’s a screenshot of what I managed to do in about 40 minutes yesterday:

Did I mentioned that it took about 12 hours to download?

Happy Gaming!




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