Dark Horse Preview (Week of Apr 18)

Instead of giving you a rundown of all of this week’s Dark Horse titles, here’s the book you need to buy this week:

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #11 is yet another amazing issue from the thankfully returned DHP title. This issue features the stunning debut of Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle and damn if it isn’t a fantastic start to the property.

But Black Beetle’s just the start of a terrific line-up, including a new chapter of Criminal Macabre by Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten, the start of a new The Occultist story written by Tim Seeley, a story written and drawn by Neal Adams, and more. It’s just unfair the amount of quality packed into this issue.

Go to your local comic shop and get it. No questions asked.

You’ll thank me Thursday morning.

You can find this comic and more at your local comic store or on Dark Horse Digital.

Special thanks to Aub Driver and the fine folks at Dark Horse Comic for this preview!



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