Interviews: Paul McGann (The Eighth Doctor, Doctor Who) and Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Holloway, Doctor Who)

We saved the best for last in our first week of I-CON coverage.

First up, we talk to the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann! He talks about what it’s been like being the Doctor with the least screen time, where he’d like to see his Doctor go in the Big Finish audios, and even gets a word or two in about fellow Doctor Christopher Eccleston. Check it out!

But that’s not all! Diana got to sit down with the Eighth Doctor’s only on-screen companion and generally amazing woman, Daphne Ashbrook. She got to have an amazing conversation about the hilarity of the TSA, her interest in science, and what she’s been up to since her days on the Doctor Who set with Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy.

That’s our first week of I-CON coverage down. Next week, we’ll be talking with the cast and crew of Pioneer One! Make sure to subscribe at YouTube for more!



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