Dark Horse Preview (Week of April 4)

Here’s our weekly review of the new comics out in stores this week from the fine folks at Dark Horse. Just two this week, and both with a darker vibe to them. Check them out!

CREEPY COMICS #8 is another issue of Dark Horse’s horror anthology. Some massively skilled talent comes to bear in the different stories told in this month’s issue. Stories range from Lovecraftian horror to more minor psychic squabbles. Different types of horror for different horror fans, all rendered in terrific black and white. Give it a go!

CRIMINAL MACABRE: DIE, DIE MY DARLING is a one-shot from writer Steve Niles and artist Christopher Mitten continuing the story detective Cal, who now has to deal with his new-found undeadness and the need to prevent someone from trying to kill him…again. It’s a fun romp with an almost Buffy or Angel style to it.

You can find these comics and more at your local comic store or on Dark Horse Digital.

Special thanks to Aub Driver and the fine folks at Dark Horse Comic for this preview!



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