StargateWatch: SG-1, Season 4

Stargate: SG-1, Season 4 definitely picked up the slack from Season 3 and kept a nice pacing and energy throughout all of the episodes. The humans (un-evolved brains and all) manage to help the Asgard and save their home world (by blowing up the O’Neill, an Asgard ship named after Jack) (Small Victories, Part 2).

We encounter a lot of Tok’ra technology, from the Atanik arm bands (Upgrades) to the super sophisticated lie/Goa’uld detector (Divide and Conquer). This Tok’ra technology, along with a few other well written choice moments in the season really showcase the tension between O’Neill and Carter – it is both incredibly tense (in a sexy way) and incredibly awkward (in an awkward way) because of the whole non-fraternizing-with-your-commanding-officer thing.

Of course, there are some good old-fashioned time issues, with a loop (Window of Opportunity), an alternate future reality (2010) and a vision of a potential future where the Harcesis’ knowledge does more evil than good (Absolute Power). A past love of Daniel’s gets Goa’uld-ed by Osiris and breaks his heart/almost kills SG-1 as she escapes in a Goa’uld ship (The Curse).

Carter asserts her competence as a woman (yet again) by butting heads with a brilliant female Cadet when she gives a lecture (Prodigy), and is then subsequently possessed, and almost killed by a computer virus (Entity).

The season closes out on a nice light note of throwing an open Stargate dialed to a black hole into a sun to kill Apohips and his fleet (because, REMINDER, Apophis isn’t actually dead… still!). However, we can see this plan isn’t without flaw, as there’s a slim chance that the ship SG-1 and the Tok’ra are on will also be sucked into the supernova/black hole love child created by this plan and be utterly obliterated (Exodus, Part 1).  

Surprisingly, there was no clips show this season.

Important Characters/Plot Points that are introduced:
-Chaka (the Unas)
-Goa’uld safety devices to prevent their own technology being used against them
-The (somewhat) grown Harcesis

Favorite Episodes:
Upgrades (Episode 3) – You know how awesome it is when you get a new, faster piece of technology and it seems to blow every piece of electronics you’ve ever owned out of the water? It’s this, but the SG-1 team is what’s upgraded (with the inevitable ‘crash’ included after they’ve ‘overheated their hard drives’… or some computer metaphor like that)

Divide and Conquer (Episode 5)- Not only are Za’tarcs a serious (if brief) threat, where there are effectively Goa’uld sleeper agents in the SG-1, but the Tok’ra lie detector can tell us who is a Za’tarc. The plot really thickens when both Carter and O’Neill are suspected Za’tarcs, but it’s really because they selectively left out some emotionally-charged details of their last mission. It’s full of some excellent tension, and the best uncomfortable admission of love (without really saying it) between Carter and O’Neill.

Window of Opportunity (Episode 6)– Groundhog Day, SG-1 style. O’Neill and Teal’c get trapped in a time loop, which leads to some fantastic shenanigans. Not only does O’Neill seriously smooch on Carter, but he and Teal’c go golfing through the Stargate and O’Neill eats a LOT of Fruit Loops.

This screenshot is needed to showcase just how awesome Stargate Golfing is:
Michael’s note: this is my favorite episode of the entire series.

Honorable Mention:
Absolute Power (Episode 17)– When the Harcesis comes to Earth, he shocks Daniel into a coma, where Daniel lives out the future (in his mind) where he becomes a nasty, evil dictator, imprisons his friends and is basically a humongous douche.

Least Favorite Episodes:
The Curse (Episode 13)– Daniel gets both physically and metaphorically stomped on by an old girlfriend when she is possessed by a Goa’uld, and Daniel gets in an unspoken “I told you so” to the archeological playground bully that hates him. It gives Daniel some more back story, but it’s mostly just him being kicked around by a woman (again).

Favorite Quote:
“On Chulak, when a great warrior retires from the field of battle, is it customary to sing a song of lament. …Fortunately, we are not on Chulak” –Teal’c

Other Thoughts:
The season is bookended with brilliant-stupid plans. I like the full circle-ness of it. The good (non-panning) credits are back. WHY DOES TEAL’C HAVE A BLONDE SOUL PATCH? It looks like he ate a squirrel and left the tail on his chin for dessert later. EW.

Until Season 5,

Diana (In the trenches… of SPACE!)



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