Doctor Who Review: The One Doctor (2001)

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Doctor: Colin Baker
Companion: Mel (Bonnie Langford)
Writer: Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman
Released: December 2001

Need to Know:
The One Doctor is both a parody of multi-Doctor stories and a comedy Christmas special. As such, it’s an audio treat for Doctor Who fans (and maybe even newcomers).

Due to the nature of the story, many references to Doctor Who past and then-present are made. I don’t want to spoil too many of them before we hit the jump, but it would be good to have some bearings on the different Doctors and a general idea of their various eras.

Here comes the jump!

The One Doctor concerns the Sixth Doctor and Mel coming upon a planet that’s been attacked by a vicious alien race called the Skelloids. Will they save this endangered world?

Well…no. See, it’s already been saved. By the Doctor.

So begins a rollicking tale of con men, idiot empires, and a real threat that might need more than one Doctor to stop it. Too bad, I guess.

If you can’t already tell, I really enjoyed this story. It’s a lot of fun and it seems like everyone involved had a great time making it. Colin Baker is fantastic playing a particularly perplexed and rather annoyed Sixth Doctor.

Bonnie Langford is terrific as Mel, an interesting choice of companion who immediately helps to set a different tone to this story from the Six/Evelyn adventures you might otherwise get in Big Finish audios. She’s written to be a hell of a lot more endearing than the TV show ever made her, I’ll tell you that. She plays really well against the nefarious fake-Doctor Banto Zame.

On to Banto Zame (Christopher Biggins), he’s a fantastic “villain” and a great counter-point to the Doctor. Sly, conniving, and mildly-vulgar, Zame and his scheme are a great, unintentional-in-story, parody of the adventures of our favorite time-travelling Time Lord. Both he and his “companion” (and main squeeze), Sally-Anne (Claire Buckfield) are great comedy takes on the usual Doctor-Companion ideal.

Should You Buy it?
I know I’ve said less about this story than others, but I genuinely don’t want to spoil this one to badly. It’s really that good. Definitely pick it up.

The story is well-written, the actors are terrific, and it has a great sense of humor.

I give it four Holy-crap-they-used-the-Delaware-Theme-s out of five.



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