StargateWatch: SG-1, Season 3

Stargate: SG-1, Season 3

Season 3 of Stargate: SG-1, on the whole, was much slower than the first two seasons. They resolved a few plot points and introduced a few new aspects of the show, but it was mostly a stroll through the season (whereas 1 and 2 were a race through the narrative). The team kills two Goa’ulds in the first two episodes, who are decidedly dead and DON’T come back… at least as far as I’m aware.

Carter is promoted to “Major” thus circumventing most of the “keeping up with the boys” spirit she’s had, which definitely makes the show run more smoothly. The writers really upped the tension between Carter and O’Neill in Point of View, when alternate-Carter comes through the Quantum Mirror and is all over Jack, as the two were married in the alternate universe. Yes, I’m rooting for them because I’m a girl and I get sentimental – sue me.

SG-1 gets Apophis’ human (and Stargate team impersonating) slaves to denounce him because he’s dead except… whoops! Nope, Aphophis isn’t actually dead. He is alive and kicking by episode 12 (Jolinar’s Memories). After rescuing Carter’s father from Apophis and Sokar’s underworld prison of doom, SG-1 blows up a planet’s moon (rather nonchalantly), taking Sokar with it. Apophis gets away and is, yet again, NOT DEAD.

Daniel Jackson’s wife, Sha’re dies while her Goa’uld host was trying to kill Daniel and Teal’c had to stop her with his Jaffa death stick (Forever in a Day). While it was a sad moment for Daniel, and brought us into a Groundhog Day-esque episode, it freed up a lot of potential plot points for Daniel. He is now free to be enamored with, and extraterrestrially hit on by, gods, Goa’ulds and aliens, guilt-free.

We get a glimpse of what Law & Order: Stargate might be like during Skaara’s trial in Pretense, and a societal reality-check in New Ground, where two societies on the same planet are warring over the meaning of life (literally). We find out that Sha’re’s super Goa’uld baby is safe and being protected by a bizarre spiritual manifestation of Mother Earth (Oma Desala), who makes the foreboding prediction that Daniel’s hatred for the Goa’uld are what will cause the child’s death (dun dun DUNNN).

Teal’c doesn’t get too much action this season. He stands around looking stern, fires his death stick at bad guys, and continually misunderstands Jack’s pop culture references.

Goa’uld body/worm count: 4
1. Hathor
2. Seth
3. Sokar
4. Sha’re/Amonet
Reminder: Apophis – not actually dead

Important Characters/Plot Points that are introduced:
-The Protected Planets Treaty
-The Unas (not the first appearance, but they’re bigger and badder)
-Quantum Mirror (recurrence)
-Oma Desala

Favorite Episodes:

Rules of Engagement (Episode 9)- In this episode, SG-1 finds a planet full of (what we assume to be) SG Teams fighting Apophis’ soldiers. However, the trick’s on SG-1, as everyone on the planet is engaged in mock battles and are actually Apophis’ slave soldiers impersonating SG Teams. It really jars you out of your Stargate comfort zone when you realize how smart and devious Apophis’ plan was.

Pretense (Episode 15) – Skaara and his accompanying worm, Klorel, crash land on the Tollan’s home planet. Skarra & co. are called to the court along with SG-1 to determine whether Klorel should be allowed to continually inhabit Skaara’s body. Part trial, part philosophical debate, part truly impartial court system, this episode really makes you think about what “justice” really means.

Shades of Grey (Episode 18)- This was probably my favorite episode of the season. O’Neill goes rogue and steals a piece of Tollan tech (a very strict no-no) and is forced into “early retirement” (okay, “kicked out”) by Hammond. Maybourne then recruits O’Neill for a dirty mission using the alternate Stargate. Jack totally commits to his part of interstellar thief before serving Maybourne’s head on a silver platter to the NID and returning as a triumphant hero to Stargate Command.

Honorable Mention:

Urgo (Episode 16) – Dom DeLuise (RIP) as Urgo is just wonderful. It’s a Stargate/Mel Brooks-style love fest.

Least Favorite Episodes:

Nemesis (Part 1) (Episode 22)– This episode was the finale of season 3. This was not a weak episode, but I used to have nightmares when I was a kid that involved scary multiplying creatures just like the Replicators. Two thumbs down for bringing back memories of awful, recurring childhood nightmares.

Crystal Skull (Episode 21) – Seriously my least favorite episode of the season, the magic Crystal Skull was weird and felt like Indiana Jones in space gone bad. They bring up phase changing and Daniel’s once-crazy uncle, which seem like potentially important plot devices, but they’re never addressed again.

Favorite Quote:
O’Neill: They put that damn memory thing on me. And then they gave me something… that reminded me of the 70’s.

Other Thoughts:
I really don’t like the slow pan of graphics in the credits. I miss season 1 and 2’s action-style opening credits.
Aphophis is back from the dead (again) – shocking.
I really enjoy when they put Teal’c in hats.
Fun Fact: Michael Shanks ACTUALLY had appendicitis while they were shooting the finale, which is why he only appears in one scene.

Dial out, I’m going in for Season 4,

Diana (Seasoned Stargate-er)



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