Review: Zombie Outlaw

Indie comics are a hit-or-miss field, but that hasn’t stopped Zombie Outlaw creators Brian J. Apodaca and Benny Jordan. Now on its second issue (in ashcan form, at least), the story revolves around three college students. The first, Matt Naismith, is a geek with a crush. K.T., a muscle-bound coed, is the woman Matt’s crushing on. Will, “the brain,” is a bit of a schemer who tries to set up Matt and K.T., but instead ends up the victim of an ancient curse that turns him into a living dead cowboy (the titular Zombie Outlaw). Hilarity ensues!

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The art’s not what you’d get with a Big Two comic, but artist Benny Jordan is just starting out. That said, the art is dynamic when it comes to action and has a unique look that grew on me as I kept reading. I’m definitely curious to see how Jordan continues to evolve with future issues (and may there be many of them!).

Apodaca’s story is interesting, if a bit formulaic, but it’s a first issue, so I can’t lay that all at his feet. The plot is interesting: a new take on an old concept, with a heaping helping of genre-mashing afoot as well. Characters are written in an interestingly genre-savvy way so far too. Again, I’m excited for more development from this side of the team as well.

Zombie Outlaw might not be ready-for-primetime, but the concept could easily find a home as an Adult Swim cartoon. It’s funny, witty, and charming. What more could I ask for?

Should you pick up Zombie Outlaw?
If you have some spare cash, go for it. It’s not mandatory, but it is a lot of fun.

I give it 3 pencil-Wolverine-claws out of 5.

Special thanks to Brian J. Apodaca for sending along issue 1, the ashcan issue 2, and a host of other great content. You can find more about Zombie Outlaw at their website, and on Facebook.

The creators will be at Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim on March 16th-18th. Visit them at the small-press area, booth #SP-096.



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