Dark Horse Preview (Week of Feb 29)

This week is a big week of books from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics, so let’s get to it!

AF7 ANGEL & FAITH #7 continues the story of both Angel and Faith dealing with elements of their pasts. Faith deals with the return of her father, while Angel has to deal with a classic villain, Drusilla, from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Problem is, this time Drusilla is sane. It’s a really great twist on her character. If you’ve been following the comic Buffyverse, stay in touch with two of its most popular characters.


THE IMMORTAL: DEMON IN THE BLOOD #3 is the penultimate issue in the first arc of this Japanese supernatural steampunk western genre-breaker. The story stays interesting, the art is really great (especially the thematically-relevant tattoos shown throughout), and the coloring is really subtle. I’m becoming a big fan of the new-to-the-US property, definitely check it out if you can find the issues or snag the eventual collection when you can.


I’ve never been a massive Conan fan, but I know they are out there, and I can tell you that KING CONAN: THE PHOENIX ON THE SWORD #2 should give you what you want. I’m not a huge magic/sword-and-sandals guy, but this book has it in spades. All sorts of evil magic happens in this issue, some with Thoth-Amon, some involving Conan himself. This issue also gives you a look into the mind of the evil Thoth-Amon, a major Conan villain.


STAR WARS: CRIMSON EMPIRE III – EMPIRE LOST #5 is another penultimate issue (those seem to be going around this month, don’t they?), this time featuring the post-Original-Trilogy story of Luke and Leia dealing with former Imperial Guard Kir Kanos and more Imperial intrique than you can shake a saber at. The story’s interesting, but the art suffers a bit from photo-referenced faces for the characters. Still plenty of fun for the Expanded Universe Star Wars fan.


USAGI YOJIMBO #144 continues the anthropomorphic adventures of the rabbit ronin in the surprisingly intrigue-filled world of making soy-sauce. I really love the art style of this book, so much so that I don’t mind the fact that most characters say exactly what they feel. This book’s a lot about surface, but when the surface is as beautiful as this comic, I can forgive it.


Check out these and more comics at your local comic shop or at Dark Horse Digital! Thanks to Aub Driver and the other fine folks at Dark Horse Comics for the previews!



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