StargateWatch: SG-1, Season 2

Stargate: SG-1, Season 2 starts out with a bang (literally). We last left SG-1 (Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c) on Apophis’ ship which is preparing to annihilate earth. In this episode, Serpent’s Lair, the team is joined by Bra’tac, they put a serious amount of C-4 all over the ship, and prepare for their (not really) inevitably explosive death to save the world and take out this nasty Goa’uld. The team (and Bra’tac) is saved, and TWO Goa’uld ships are blown up. Apophis is (allegedly) dead, and SG-1 continues their intergalactic shenanigans.

In a major one-two punch season opening Episode 2 (In the Line of Duty), Samantha Carter is possessed by a Goa’uld (Jolinar) who claims to be a rebel worm and not actually evil. This turns out to be true when it gives its life for Sam and we are introduced to the Tok’ra, an underground movement who intend to overthrow the evil Goa’uld. They only take volunteer hosts and amicably share the same body, it’s not a hostile takeover.

Carter deals head-on with her Daddy issues (*eye roll*) when she finds out her father is dying with cancer, he’s disappointed in her because she’s not an astronaut (not kidding), and she simultaneously saves his life and impresses the pants off of him by bringing him to the Tok’ra’s home world to be a host (which will cure his terminal illness). SEE DAD? I TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE AND SAVED YOUR LIFE! BE PROUD OF ME!!!

On a lighter and more comedic note, Jack has the knowledge of the Ancients’ downloaded into his brain (which causes it to start overloading), which makes him weirdly brainy, and he is saved by the Asgard and Thor. In a rare moment of sincerity and humility, he seems to impress Thor enough for the little alien to not totally turn his nose up at humans (…does he have a nose?)

We find out Apophis isn’t actually dead when his Death Glider crashes on a planet that SG-1 is visiting. They bring him back. He dies again (allegedly). They send his body off to the next Goa’uld-ruler-of-the-universe, Sokar.

Oh, and you learn that Colonel Maybourse IS in fact as big of a douche as you think he is – he dug up the Antarctic Stargate and has started his own Stargate program (because he clearly wants all the same toys as General Hammond or he won’t be the cool kid on the playground… er, within the secret operations of the US government).

Throw in a few more life-threatening situations, some time travel, and a few deceptive hoaxes, and we’ll call it a season. If you want to catch up quickly, check out the Season 2 finale, Out of Mind. It’s a clip show, but the premise for showing the clips is much more creatively and organically presented than any clips show I’ve seen.

Important Characters/Plot Points that are introduced:
-The Tok’ra
-Jolinar and Sam’s new Goa’uld sensibilities
-Thor / the Asgard
-Sha’re’s Super Goa’uld baby (a “Harcesis”)
-Time dilation
-Solar Flares/Time Travel
-Mind read-y devices stuck on SG-1’s heads in the finale

Favorite Episodes:
The Fifth Race (Episode 15) – Jack accidentally gets the knowledge of the Ancients’ downloaded into his head. This is an incredibly comedic episode because suddenly Jack understands everything that’s going on, and an incredibly important episode because Jack, as humanity’s representative, has impressed the Asgard and humbled himself by learning humans’ place in the universe, IQ-wise.

A Matter of Time (Episode 16) – There is a planet near a black hole just on the other side of the Stargate that is causing a Time Dilation Field in the SGC. It’s a really well-crafted episode that plays on relative time and the fear that the Earth will be sucked into a black hole if they don’t find the answer to the problem in time. (See what I did there?)

1969 (Episode 21) – More time shenanigans! Due to a solar flare, SG-1 travels through time to 1969, where they meet a young (not-yet-General) Hammond. This episode shows how Hammond is the “do the right thing” man we’ve known through and through, when he puts his neck on the line to save his future SG-1 team years before he’s actually supposed to meet them.

Honorable Mention:
Holiday (Episode 17) – Body switching. 44 minutes of hilarity watching Teal’c as Jack O’Neill.

Least Favorite Episode:
Spirits (Episode 13) – Aliens posing as Native American spirit animals live on a planet full of Trinium and threaten to destroy the SGC base. The whole ‘Spirit Animal’ thing was kind of freaky and felt really out-of-step with the rest of the season.

Favorite Quote:
Teal’c: Undomesticated equines could not remove me.
O’Neill: It’s wild horses, Teal’c… That was a joke… You told a joke.

Other Thoughts:
Dead people aren’t really dead because of Apophis’ sarcophagus – I sense this is going to become a ‘thing.’ Daniel Jackson kind of looks like a 12-year-old with the new haircut. I want more Time Dilation. SO MUCH MORE. DO THE TIME WARP!

Until Season 3,

Diana (Stargate Overloader)



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