Corrections: Toku Overview and Kamen Rider

After posting, I’ve realized that we call Battle Fever J the second Sentai series in our second Tokusatsu Overview Fun Fact. The allure of the alliteration was too much to resist apparently. We clearly demarcate and discuss the first three Sentai series (Goranger, JAKQ, and Battle Fever J) at various points in next week’s show (hint hint).

Toku Overview:

Also, Viewtiful Joe was based more on Kaiketsu Zubat, a different creation of Shotaro Ishinomori. In my defense, Ishinomori also created Kamen Rider and Zubat was played by Hiroshi Miyauchi, who also played Kamen Rider V3 (he also played AoRanger in Goranger (the first ever blue ranger) and Big One in JAKQ).

Kamen Rider:

We are only human. Please forgive us.



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