The Hunger Games Trailer (Take 2): Diana’s Thoughts

The new Hunger Games trailer dropped last week, and I just can’t contain my excitement. Why am I so excited?

First of all, the movie looks fantastic – it seems to have taken the world and characters from the book and realized them to a T. Josh Hutcherson is the baby-faced and well-intentioned Peeta that I had hoped for. Elizabeth Banks as the obnoxiously bubbly and obnoxiously-attired Effie Trinket, especially against the bleak background of District 12, is more than I could have hoped for. Lenny Kravitz had never even crossed my mind as an actor, but from the trailers it looks like he’ll create a close bond with Katniss, be possibly the coolest (as in, “rad”) character in the movie, and have just a little bit of mischief and rebellion hidden under the stylist persona. More to the point, he is exactly the kind of stylist I’d want if I ended up being poked and prodded in the spotlight of Hollywood… or, you know, an adolescent death match.

I love Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Let me say it again: I think she’s going to be wonderful, bad ass, and appropriately broken when the time comes. Let me address a few concerns that people have:

1) She looks too healthy – although Hollywood actresses tend to be on the thinner side of “perfect,” they’re generally not so thin that it looks as though they’ve been hunting their own food. Yes, she’s a bit muscular from all of the training she went through, and yes, she’s a human being that can pick up Doritos from the 7-11 down the block. But in the books she’s only described as very, very thin while in District 12. She makes it a point to overeat and beef up once she’s being taken care of by the Capitol because she’s aware food may be scarce once she’s in the arena. She would have had to go through some dramatic weight (and muscle) loss for a very short portion of the movie. I don’t imagine we’ll spend more than 15 minutes or so in District 12. I’ll get over her looking more alive than she should so that she can rock her stunts in the Games.

2) She is too much of a model – sure, she’s beautiful, blonde and busty, but have you seen the promo photos and the trailers? She spent weeks in training for archery, hand-to-hand combat, rock climbing, and yoga (to stay nimble because Katniss, as a huntress is often silent and lithe). She grew up on a farm wrangling horses, which must have taught her how to get rough. And, (if you haven’t noticed) she’s no longer a blonde bombshell – she’s dyed her hair to look the part.

3) She’s too old – I never pictured Katniss as your typical 16-year-old (for the record, Jennifer Lawrence was 20 at the time of filming). She is the provider for her family and risks all sorts of beatings and restrictions if she’s caught hunting animals outside the fences of District 12. Her father is dead, her mother is only somewhat functional and, in her eyes, her sister is a delicate flower that she must protect. That’s a LOT for an adolescent girl to handle. So yes, I imagined her as older, and looking more mature than her years. Also, “as we all know, oppressive dystopias tend to be pretty harsh on the skin.” (Thank you, EW)

Another reason that I’m stoked (yes, 90’s surfer boys, ‘stoked’) for the trailer is because I can show off my Hunger Games swag. Not only do I have the Mockingjay pin (thank you Michael Nixon for the BEST Christmas present) on my coat to geek out to all the world, but I just bought a Hunger Games t-shirt (District 14, the district of Tacos) that I cannot wait to wear.

My Mockingjay Pin

The District 14 ("tacos") shirt that I will be getting this week

I’m hooked on this Hunger Games stuff. I’m very, very excited that the movie comes out in the month and a half. And I’m going to read the books (AGAIN) before the movie comes out. You should too!

Til then, make sure to check out our Geek Crash Course on the series:




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