Dark Horse Preview (Week of Feb 1)

Here are my thoughts on the two comics coming out this week from Dark Horse Comics!

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #8 is once again packed to the gills with quality comics story-telling. There are stories dealing with subjects as diverse as BPRD agents dealing with the death of Hellboy, talking animals, and Tarzan (that’s just three of the ten stories in here). If you’re thinking about giving this a shot, do it!

STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI #0 is sort of a series of Wikipedia (or Wookieepedia) articles setting up the time period of Star Wars that the Dawn of the Jedi series will be exploring. It’s an interesting set-up, and I’ll definitely be curious to see where the first issue of the series goes with all of the world-building in issue #0.

That’s it for the regular comics publishing this week from Dark Horse. Be sure to check them out at your local comic store on online at Dark Horse Digital!




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