What Does It Mean to be a Geek?

In our blog posts, and in the show, we’re generally sassy with a bit of media analysis and review tossed in. Rarely do we get the chance to be sentimental and, well… mushy. The other day, I was wondering what makes me a geek. I’m a part of GEEK Crash Course, I identify as a she-geek, and if someone tells me my glasses are “geek chic,” I take it as a compliment. But what does it mean to be a part of that culture? So, what does it mean to be a Geek?

Being a Geek isn’t just about liking to talk about comic books or having seen every episode of Star Trek. It’s not about playing a video game for hours on end, or debating the merits of different fictional weapons or attack strategies.

Being a Geek is about the person you are. It’s about having an open mind – you don’t turn away from an idea because it’s “unrealistic.” You let yourself believe in possibility, in a bigger, crazier, different world. You learn the way an alternate way of life works – the rules, customs and ideas of another culture. While it seems second nature to some of us to imagine space cowboys, rogue cyborgs, and time travel, it’s easy to say “that could never happen.” But it’s a lot harder to say “what if?”

You let yourself go – you surrender to a story, a world, a place that was born from imagination. To allow yourself to leave the ‘real world,’ if only for 44 minutes at a time, takes courage. You have to have that courage from within, from where your childhood lives, from that place that wants to believe that anything is possible.

To be a geek is to believe. Or, at least, to want to believe in something that is bigger than yourself, something that goes beyond logic and reason, and to be part of a group of people that want the world to be more than it is. And to hope, someday, we’ll get there.

I’m proud to be a geek.




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2 Responses to What Does It Mean to be a Geek?

  1. MattComix says:

    Okay, I know this article is really old but I’m enjoying the show and just had to comment on this one. I like the idea of geekdom being about “surrendering to a story, a world, a place that was born from imagination” as a way to thinking bigger and dreaming bigger. This is why I get frustrated when comicbook fans get on this track about “realism”. In my opinion the inherent dream-logic of superheroes is half the point. It shouldn’t about grinding these ideas down to fit into the narrow confines of our reality but letting us see beyond it.

    Anyways, let me just say this was a great article and you guys have a great show.

  2. Horace Austin says:

    It’s an interesting time in geekdom with many aspects of our culture having gone mainstream. I’m not entirely sure what it means to be a geek today. But, I agree that imagination is at the heart of it.

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