Dark Horse Preview (Week of Jan 11)

Thanks to the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics, we can give you a preview of this week’s titles!

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON NINE #5 has a great element of beginnings and endings, like some of the best Buffy episodes. There’s plunge deep into canon that’s easy for newcomers to follow and the potential for a big status quo change on the last page.

DARK MATTER #1 – When we interviewed co-writer Joseph Mallozzi about this comic, I was already excited about it and my excitement hasn’t dimmed. The first issue of DARK MATTER looks to be the start of an interesting space adventure.

LOBSTER JOHNSON: THE BURNING HAND #1 is the start of another fun adventure from the pulp-tinged 1920s-era of the Hellboy universe. A fun story complimented by some really great art. Tremendous last panel that you’ll have to read to see!

THE STRAIN #2 brings the story into more original territory, deepening the mystery of this new brand of vampire horror. I’ve never felt suspense reading a comic before like I have reading THE STRAIN.

STAR WARS: AGENT OF THE EMPIRE #2 keeps the awesome James Bond-style fun coming from writer John Ostrander and artist Stephane Roux. Classy espionage action with a unique Star Wars flare. Lots of fun!

STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC – WAR #1 – We also got to talk to John Jackson Miller about this new KOTOR comic and it’s very cool, easily-accessible ground for Star Wars. If you’re looking for a cool Star Wars adventure without the Skywalkers or Empire or all of that continuity, this corner of the comic universe is for you!

You can find these and other fine comics at your local shop or online at Dark Horse Digital.

What comics are you picking up this week? Let us know in the comments below!



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