Michael Builds Machalcon – Part 1

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As a boy who grew up with Power Rangers, I’ve always enjoyed the art of gigantic, interlocking mecha. That enjoyment is what got me liking the aformentioned Rangers and what eventually changed that into a love for its Japanese originator: Super Sentai.

It’s an unacknowledged fact (in my opinion) that the Japanese are masters of toy design and that extends to the best of the Sentai toy offerings, the candy toy. The candy toys I’ll be talking about, “MiniPla” actually, are perfect examples of great toy-making. You not only get to build your own toy, it’s really well-made, meaning you can play with it too (I’m more of a build it and put it on my shelf kind of guy, but I get the desire for toy-on-toy action).

In this and the next blog post, I’ll be talking about assembling the toy kit for Machalcon, an “additional mecha” (basically an extra toy for the range) from Gokaiger, the currently-running Sentai series.

We’ll be talking more about Sentai in 2012, so feel free to ask questions in the comments below!

Now, let’s get to building!

Here’s a close-up of Box A:

(click to enlarge)

Basically, I’ll be building the “head” of Machalcon, the automotive member of the Gokaiger’s auxiliary mecha, and one of the arms of Ultimate Gokai-Oh (a combination of Machalcon, Gokai-Oh (the Gokaiger’s “Megazord”), and GouZyuJin (GokaiSilver’s mecha).

Here are the parts of the model and the included sticker sheet:

(click to enlarge)

When they all get assembled, they turn into this:

(click to enlarge)

Now, the arm I built is actually a small version of GouZyuJin’s arm. It’s designed to be a replacement in case you didn’t buy that candy toy. Luckily, I did. Here’s a comparison:

(click to enlarge)

Huge difference, right?

On to Box B! Here’s a close-up of what the box says we’re building:

(click to enlarge)

Box B is the simplest of the set. All I’m building here is the other arm and helmet of Ultimate Gokai-Oh (including tiny versions of Gokai-Oh’s swords, which lock into said helmet). Here are the parts and sticker sheet:

(click to enlarge)

And here’s how it turned out:

(click to enlarge)

In case you were curious, the GouZyuJin arms is a massive improvement over the “it’ll do” version you build in this kit:

(click to enlarge)

Also, a comparison of the helmet-swords to Gokai-Oh’s proper swords:

(click to enlarge)

Tomorrow, we’ll build the last box and check out all of the fun ways Machalcon combines with the other mecha in the series.

Here’s a preview of the finished model:

(click to enlarge)

Also, candy. Delicious, delicious candy.

I got my Machalcon from eBay user cwk2002. Check out their store!



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