Happy Holidays!


Hello fine GCC viewers/Currently Geeking blog readers,

As you’ve probably noticed, what with the funny-colored lights, the oddly cheery songs on the radio, and the strange predilection for red hats with white dilly-boppers on the top, it’s the Holiday Season.

As a result, we’ll be posting a little less regularly til 2012, especially if you follow us on Twitter.

There’s still going to be a new episode this week (preview tomorrow!) and some blog posts, but the lights will be dimming here at GCC HQ.

No matter what you celebrate, we here at Geek Crash Course wish you the very best Winter Solstice-centered holiday season. In the words of out favorite TV show, “we’re halfway out of the dark.”

We’ll see you in 2012, bigger and better than ever.

All the best,
Diana and Michael



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