GCC Recommends: Limitless

Recently, Diana and Michael met up and coordinated the next block of GCC. At the end of the night, we decided to watch a movie. Our decision was led by Netflix Instant’s selection, but this means you’ll be able to find what we watched.

So, what did we watch? (The title of the article’s a clue.)

Limitless: Movie, US origin.

Now, this isn’t a movie for the kids. For its PG-13 rating, this flick gets a little grown-up, but that’s what we liked about it. It’s a grown-up look at the seemingly-played-out story of a man who gains superpowers.

The power isn’t strength or speed, but brains. By taking a pill, the lead (Bradley Cooper) goes from down-and-out writer to financial supergenius. We won’t spoil anything more from you, but go in with average expectations, a healthy dose of suspension-of-disbelief, and a desire for fun adventure.

Limitless is available on Netflix Instant.




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