The Week in Geek: December 4-10

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the Week in Geek!

This week’s Geek Crash Course saw the start of Retro Month with our episode on Knight Rider.

What else happened this Week in Geek?

Our hosts saw a screening of the season finale of Pioneer One!

Diana talked Twilight Zone, giving you insight into how that greatest of shows (and future GCC topic) has covered a lot of now-familiar ground.

Michael reviewed Doctor Who: the Mysterious Planet, interviewed comics legend John Ostrander about Star Wars: Agent of the Empire, and said goodbye to Jerry Robinson, the man who gave us Robin and the Joker.

Finally, we asked you fine viewers to lend some support to C: 299,792 km/s on Kickstarter. Check it out and lend a hand!

Next week’s Geek Crash Course? The X-Files!

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