The Twilight Zone Did It First


It’s the holiday season, which means marathons of classic shows in pajamas, cuddled up with some hot chocolate and some great sci-fi. During this year’s viewing of The Twilight Zone, we began to notice some similarities to many (current) films and TV shows, when we realized that The Twilight Zone did it first. What did they do first, you might ask? Well, what didn’t they do first?

Title: Mirror Image
Date: February 26, 1960
Original concept: Dopplegangers, the “evil twin” idea
Copycat: Fringe – Fauxlivia, Walternate and the whole “alternate” universe thing

Title: The Last Flight
Date: February 5, 1960
Original Concept: Man traveling through time in a plane (accidentally)
Copycat: Doctor Who – time traveling in an ordinary-looking object (on purpose). To Doctor Who’s credit, it debuted only 3 years after this Twilight Zone episode

Title: A World of Difference
Date: March 11, 1960
Original Concept: A man finds his life is just a role in a movie
Copycat: The Truman Show (1998) with Jim Carrey

Title: A World of His Own
Date: July 1, 1960
Original Concept: A playwright can make anything he wants come true by describing it to his dictation machine.
Copycat: Stranger Than Fiction (2008) with Will Ferrell

Date: A Most Unusual Camera
Year: December 16, 1960
Original Concept: A stolen camera can tell the future
Copycat: Goosebumps novel Say Cheese and Die

Title: A Penny for your Thoughts
Date: February 3, 1961
Original Concept: A gentleman can hear others’ thoughts
Copycat: What Woman Want (2000) with Mel Gibson

Title: Valley of the Shadow
Date: January 17, 1963
Original Concept: An isolated town has advanced secret technology
Copycat: Eureka

Title: Person or Persons Unknown
Date: March 23, 1962
Original Concept: A man never existed in the world he has awoken in
Copycat: Nowhere Man (television, 1995-1996), Fringe Season 4

Title: Steel
Date: October 4, 1963
Original Concept: A man takes his robot’s place in a boxing match when the robot breaks
Copycat: Real Steel (2011) with Hugh Jackman

Title: Living Doll
Date: November 1, 1963
Original Concept: A girl’s toy doll is evil and attacks her step-father
Copycat: Child’s Play (specifically, Chucky)



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2 Responses to The Twilight Zone Did It First

  1. Joshua Ogle says:

    Title: A Kind of Stop Watch
    Date: October 18, 1963
    Original Concept: A man gets an ordinary mechanism that can manipulate time
    Copycat: Click

    Title: The Whole Truth
    Date: January 20, 1961
    Original Concept: Man is doomed to tell only the truth.
    Copycat: Liar Liar

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