Dystopias: Diana’s Take

The Den of Geek (a fantastically fun website), has a list of the Top 10 Disturbing Dystopias. Diana, being the Dystopian world expert, responds to Den of Geek’s (DoG) reasons for horrifying dystopias.
(Full article here: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/777754/top_10_disturbing_dystopias.html)

10. Matrix
Why it’s Horrifying (DoG):Our world is merely a simulation, and we are nothing more than organic batteries, hooked up to sinister machines, providing power for our robot overlords.
Why it’s Horrifying (Diana): “People are sleeping in snot-pods”

9. Robocop
DoG:RoboCop – part man, part machine, all awesome. While most of the city’s [Detroit’s] police force is on strike, leaving crooks to overrun the litter-strewn streets, he and his partner do their best to restore law and order.
Diana: “Detroit still exists at the point in the future when we’ve created super-human cyborgs”

8. Idiocracy
DoG:The idea is that if stupid people outbreed intelligent people, then this is the sort of society we’ll be stuck with in the far flung future…. Though there’s no oppression as such, people do have to live with the burden of their crippling stupidity: no culture, no achievements, nothing worthwhile
Diana: “No more Sunday crosswords”

7. Children of Men
DoG: Set in “a world where women have become infertile, and babies are no longer born.
Diana: “The world is getting older and crotchety-er. Preferential dinner time is 4:30PM.”

6. V for Vendetta
DoG: Vendetta’s Britain is a country ruled by fear. A curfew is enforced every night, anyone who speaks out against the regime disappears, and all you get on TV is propaganda designed to brainwash and oppress you.
Diana: “I’m not totally up on my ‘v’ alliteration vocabulary”

5. Repo! The Genetic Opera
DoG:After the world is beset by a massive epidemic of organ failures, a corporation named Geneco gains power by becoming the premier supplier of designer organs…. Worse than that, if you could afford the first payment but can’t keep up with the rest, Geneco send their repo man after to you to cut you open and take back what’s theirs.
Diana: “Organ repo men that sing? I see a bad Broadway musical coming our way”

4. Equilibrium
DoG:War, crime and hatred have been eradicated. But at what cost? It’s not just negative emotions that have been purged: there’s no more love, no more friendship, no more laughter. By taking daily doses of an emotion-suppressing drug, mankind has essentially turned itself into a race of automatons.
Diana: “Everyone speaks in a monotone”

3. Blade Runner
DoG:All that’s left are cleverly created robotic equivalents. There’s an overwhelming sense of despair and mortality, which is fitting considering the replicants’ motivation. Though there doesn’t seem to be a high risk of death or an oppressive state government, take a look at the people the next time you see the film.
Diana: “Replicants are Cylons (see: skin-job reference). Eventually, everything will be blown up, and it’s all Deckard’s fault.”

2. Brazil
DoG:Sam Lowry dreams of being something more than the petty bureaucrat he is. He dreams of adventure, love and a worthwhile life, while the world around him slowly goes to hell in a handbasket.
Diana: “Stretchy facial skin”

1. 1984
DoG:…man versus state, freedom versus oppression, John Hurt versus Richard Burton. The proles live in utter squalor, not allowed to think or act for themselves. Their every move is monitored by video screens, a situation that rings true today in this world of a CCTV camera on every corner and a computer in every house.
Diana: “We’re all cast-mates on a really, really boring season of Jersey Shore.”



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