The Hunger Games (and trailer excitement)


I don’t care if you thumb your nose at YA literature in general, if you don’t know your Mockingjay from your President Snow, and if you’re fed up with all of EW’s panting over Collins’ trilogy. Surely even the most determined haters felt their pulse quicken in that final countdown, before 24 children of Panem set off to fight to the death in front of television cameras. 3. 2. 1!

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The Hunger Games Trailer Redux: Five things we’re most excited about:

Five things Diana’s most excited about:
1. The insane Capitol outfits/makeup
2. The heart-wrenching moment when Katniss sings to Rue
3. Seeing what a muttation looks like (and exactly how it’s pronounced – I can’t decide)
4. Watching Jennifer Lawrence be a bad-ass with a bow and arrow
5. Effie Trinkett



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